Hey guys, I ve been using elementary (luna) os distribution of linux and I am really satisfied with it .. the only problem that i am facing is when switching between application sounds .. I ll give you an example:
Using my headphones to speak on teamspeak and listen to music. Suddenly I decide that I want my music to be played through my loudspeakers(for example) and when I select that sound will be played through loudspeakers, teamspeaks's sound gets "forced" played through there as well until I go to teamspeak and set the settings again(where it still shows that my headseats are communication device). Any suggestions on this 1?

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Unfortunatly I'm not familiar with the innards of Luna. Furthermore, I beleive this has to do with your hardware setup as well (specifically, how your DAC(s) are set up). Maybe you can try to install gnome-alsamixer (I'm not sure if that's lunas default or not), or see whats in the software center for PulseAudio.

If you don't get a reasonable answer here, check out the ElementaryOs's answers section.

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I'm using elementary, but I agree sounds like a pulseaudio issue. I had a similar problem and pulseaudio fixed it.

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