Am currently working on TI DRA74x Jacinto 6 board. It has ARM core A15 and M4. and 1 DSP C66X. am working on image processing so I want to use both ARM A15+DSP C66x.Am running the code only on ARM A15.(ubuntu 12.04 with kernel 3.14) but processing speed is low...
1)what are all the libraries i need to download to use DSP C66x ..?
2)i found DSPLIB for DSP c66x.. Is there another way to cross compile DSPLIB into GLSDK.?
3) DRA74x board only support GLSDK...for image processing in DSP C66x which library is used..? and it should have to work with GLSDK
4) Is there another way to cross compile DSPLIB into GLSDK...?or to boot loader(u-boot)..?

Plz provide the download link...

Am new to this..plz help me...

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The main question is whether or not there is a tool chain for you to compile code for this DSP. I am not familiar with it so I can't recommend any web sites, but the chip/board vendor should either have a tool chain to build code under Linux, api's that provide the glue code needed to send instructions to the chip, and other appropriate links/instructions.

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