I'm Bachaleor Of computer Application (B.C.A) And Gniit 2 years deploma In software engineering

Now i want to switch to somthing abstract.Because There is very Rush in Web developement Field. Please tell me what will be best for me Linux red hat certification or switch to "Ethical hacking".I have little inclination Towords ethical Hacking But confused About Its scope In India And don't have enough Knowladge about it what all I can do i after doing This course . i'm very good in logic building.

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What do You want..Dont take a job because of money..take a job that you want, and then its easier to create new ideas and be successful for yourself and others

I respect Your IDEOLOGY but everyone is not steve jobs .

is there anyone who can answer

At the end of the day, it is your life and your decision.

What do you want to do with your life and your career?
There are a lot of career paths you could take. If you know what you want to do, or what areas you are particularly interested in, then try to find a qualification/training programme in that field.

If you have no interest in ethical hacking, then there is probably no point in attempting to get certified as an ethical hacker. These types of qualifications require an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of CS related subjects. If you don't have a really, REALLY strong interest in the field of ethical hacking/security, you are probably going to get bored and/or frustrated. And then you'll either give up, or fail!

If you don't want to do it, or aren't interested in it or have any other kind of doubts, don't do it! Simple as that!

But if you do decide to go for it and you manage to get certified - good on you. With a well recognised ethical hacking qualification you would probably find it easy to get into a number of security related positions - Network security, penetration tester, software/hardware security researcher (identifying/patching vulnerabilities in software/hardware), malware analyst for an antivirus company etc.

With the Red Hat qualification, you will gain the necessary skills to administer a Linux network using Red-Hat Linux products (RHEL, Fedora) and other Red-Hat derived distros (SUSE, CentOS, Scientific Linux etc). This could lead to a career as a system-administrator for a corporate network. Or if you plan to become a web developer, it would give you the skills necessary to set up and configure your own servers. But again, it would only train you to use Red-Hat, so your knowledge would be specific to Red-Hat based systems.

One other alternative to the Red Hat certifiation would be to take one of The Linux Foundations certification programmes. AFAIK, The Linux Foundation training aims to be vendor/platform neutral, so you can work with any distro. WRT package management, I think there is emphasis on Red-Hat and Debian. But given that these two distros serve as a base for the majority of Linux distros, that makes sense. I think other package management systems are also covered, albeit briefly. So The Linux Foundation training would give you a broader knowledge of the different package management systems in use on various distros.

And if system-administration is not your thing, but you are interested in working with Linux, The Linux Foundation does offer training courses in a number of different areas.

e.g. Developing device driver modules for the Linux kernel, Linux kernel internals, debugging the kernel, developing desktop applications for Linux, Deploying the Openstack cloud.

At this point, I must say I do not hold any of the qualifications mentioned. I don't even have a degree. I am pretty much a self-taught programmer and have been in the profession for 9 years now. But I am interested in taking some Linux training courses ATM and I've been researching courses from various training providers.

As for which course you should take - again, that's entirely up to you. Just don't force yourself to do something you don't like or aren't interested in because you'll just end up resenting the decision at some point. If not during the training, then it will be once you are working in that field. And there is nothing like working at a job you hate. I know, I've been there!

Anyway, good luck with whatever you choose to do!

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I've worked with Linux Hosting. I always dreamed about to have my own server .. 80 % hosting is based on linux now a days. So its good opportunity For me to get a Job. I planned to get experience for 3 to 5 years in I.T field then setup my own business Like set up linux server or opening own firm for web projects etc.

If i talk about "Ethical Hacking" It needs Determination.How to Judge My self That i'm eligible and right person for this Course and stream.Ethical hacking is a stream That you always alien to it until you do it. Its Not in your bachalor degree master degree so how to judge that its for you. There are numbers of jobs there for hackers and security analyst. I just want to avail opportunity ..
"Thats why i just want to know is it Prerequisite for me to have RHCE certification to get basic Knowladge of Linux For "Ethical Hacking " "

Is that necessary to do RHCE before CEH . or is it benificial ?? If yes then why

When you set on a path to become an ethical Hacker, you need to know everything about computers, specially Open Source and Linux/Unix.
But its not that necessary to do RHCE before CEH.
But one day or the other you will either need to do RHCE or somehow know a lot about Linux/Unix. It's sort of mandatory.
I would Recommend, start using linux and go for CEH. If you want more expertise in Linux at any time you may go for RHCE then.
By the way solve questions on: this website to develop interest in Ethical Hacking and logic required for it.

How to know then I'm eligible and right person for ethical hacking ... i'm good in making logic.....

Try solving the chllanges on the link I gave. If you are good at logic, it will help but you also need to gain a lot of knowledge. So if you have a hunger for knowledge and how things work you're almost there. Try sovling challenges at the link I provided specially web challanges and decide for yourself.

The subject which you love you should choose them because in a odd situation you will pay attention or hard work for those which you love. And if you say scope, I will say believe you fortune and hard work for your subject, you must get good result. Have a good career.

Thanks for wishing me luck.I understand what are you trying to say .. but so far as i know . hacking is nothing is just coding in knowing about computer in negitive way . That most of the schools colleges and universities dont teach ... O can do that i know But i'm asking is it good to Deviate myself from .net Web buidling to ethical hacking . Does Ethical hacking has better scope better opportunities than web building .. I'm asking this because now a days each and every one is Web developer since Php came in market nd CMS made it worst .. Thats why I'm not interested in WEB Dev anymore.. Thats why I'm finding other similler Stream to make my career.

First of all you have the wrong knowledge of hacking.

hacking is nothing is just coding in knowing about computer in negitive way

Its not like that. Hacking is not about hacking someone's account or destroying the data of CIA or whatever the hell they show in movies. Hacking is about knowing how things work, and then using that knowledge to turn things into more advantaeous for yourself or may be for others as well called Hactivism. Dude, you have misconceptions about things, you really need to watch some good documentaries on hacking and what it really is. Do you know Steve Wozniac - Apple Co-founder, He was one hell of a Hacker, but nobody knows him the bad way. The Negative ones you are talking about are called Black Hat Hackers, which you may or may not choose to become. Plus you said about ethical hacking, which is infact very positive.

Another misconception,

because now a days each and every one is a Web developer

Knowing about PHP or being able to search google and copying and pasting standard codes doesn't make you a web developer. CMS is just something that helps you organize things better. It makes you more efficient as a developer. In fact with the technologies coming in HTML5 CSS3, web development will become more interesting and creativity will play a major role in who is a good web developer.
Web Development is different from Web Design and it is nothing less than Programming. But you need to have more knowledge for Web Development. If you are to become a fully fledged web developer database desgin is also crucial. So there is a lot to look forward to in Web Development as well.

As it comes to scope, I'd say web development may just have an edge here. Because you need to be really good at ethical hacking to have a good career. Ethical Hackers usually become Penetration Testers or independent Security Auditors, or open some Website of their own as side business.

In the end, don't be so hard on yourself, both fields are awesome just know more about each one first(very important to do this), and then decide for yourself.

Thanks For you Reply ... By saying Negative word,I meant to say that "Finding Bugs and penetrate through it" make somthing vulnerable by finding Bugs.. yes You are right I'm newbie in hacking even u can say i know nothing . But i Know one thing "I was not talking about Black Hat Hacker what we see in movie hahhaha " Bro when i Go for job interview they rejects me because of bad grade . or I've done distance education... i dont have higher degree.....For most of University I'm Not eligible for interview ... they dont wanna see what i did or i can do. They want experience developer what i dont have . that Demoralises me.. that is why My Inclination Towards hacking RHCE is More .. I just want a stream where my work matters not degree

RHCE is not a work according to me, it's just a certificate which you can show to get jobs somewhere. But that may not be the only thing they'll see.
After understanding your situation i'd recommend doing M.C.A. or M. Tech. from a reputed college which ensures majority campus placement. Beacause nowadays(specially in India), Engineers are many, but very few are really skilled. So offcampus placement becomes a bit difficult for two reasons:
1. Too many candidates.
2. Companies are critical, since they wanna eliminate useless engineers.

So even the skilled ones may have problems finding a job offcampus today.
So ONCAMPUS placement is your best option, if a job is all you want. And from there you can gain confidence and pursue whatever career you want.

This is what I cant do it Bro . Because I dont have Time and wealth for regular MCA .... Thats why I'm More Emphasising On Certification.. Because I know If i'm Not From Regular MCA .. only some certifications can save my career .. thats why i'm trying to choose best certification according to job prospective ..........as you told me RHCE is just resume beauty nothing more. since i'm gniit(3 years deploma in software engineering )n bca . I'm .Net guy So microsoft certification will be good for me ??? problem is now a days you can see Ads like Do MCSE MCP certification in 5000 .. you dont need to study they will give you dumps and you will be certified .. thats why i dont thing it has value in market .. thats why i moved to RHCE And ethical hacking ........

RHCE is more than just a paper, it's a practical exam you cannot pass by cramming braindumps (have you heard a 5 year old just passed MCSE? shows how valuable that one is...)

RHCE opens up pretty much every Linux related position, because, while it's being oriented around Red Hat, the actual knowledge is applicable on all distros and it's the only certification that is really reliable and cannot be obtained without knowledge and experience.

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These are 2 different work profiles. But in reality if you are looking for work as a security analyst (in a Unix Env) i would expect that person is at least CEH with linux and / or microsoft admin certified at the very least.

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