If I try listening to music on Linux Mint, it just never sounds as good as it did on Windows 10. I had a lot of enhancements enabled in WMP so I tried downloading the PulseAudio Equaliser. It helped, but it sounds crackly at times, especially when listening to metal, Iron Maiden especially I've noticed.

My Walkman MP3 player doesn't do this. In fact the equaliser settings are the same now on both the PC and the Walkman, so it's not that it's set too strong.

(I like the music to sound heavy. My equaliser on the Walkman is set so that AC/DC sounds like ZZ Top, ZZ Top like Iron Maiden, and Iron Maiden, well just awesome!)

How can I get the best out of my music on Linux?

For once, the need for a long specs list:
MSI Audio Boost integrated sound card
AeroCool Strike-X Advance HD audio panel (this was changed at the same time I switched to Linux. Maybe the panel is dodgy?)
Sennheiser HD 219 headphones
Linux Mint 17.2
Sound plays through "LADSPA Plugin Multiband EQ" (~ the equaliser's plugin)
Banshee 2.6.2

Walkman NWZ-Z1050
Android 2.3.4
Same headphones and music library, tested with the same song

When I had Win10, I believe the Walkman may have had a little edge on the PC. But not like this.


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I listen to audio on my Linux system all the time. High def stuff without problems. I use VLC as my media player, and my system runs pulse audio and alsa sound libraries. I do have a good pair of Bose speakers... Windows never sounded so good.


Maybe your'e trying to over power the head phones using Amarok
Maybe go back to stock settings on this.

I got rid of it myself and went smaller using Audacious . Simpler yet Right On

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