Hi folks,

Have just finished setting up a linux box running SuSe v10. I managed to configure SQL, PHP and Apache with no problems but cant get the printing to work the way i want/need to. I want to print to a printer which is installed on a Windows box, i see from some articles the way to do this is to use the SMB protocol, however for that it needs a username and password and my sys admin doesnt want to give me more permissions so i need another way!

My question is - can i print to a windows shared printer from SuSe without using SMB??

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If there is a network printer available purely through the network and not shared out through a computer then there is a possibility, otherwise i see no easy way of doing what you need to, unless you can write up the document on your computer, email it to yourself, and print from the windows computer.


Thanks for the advice guys. Got it working using SMB after all. Instead of adding the printer through the Printing Manager under utilities, i added it via Yast under the Hardware --> Printers setting and it worked without authentication!

once again, thanks for the reply's


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