Hoping you can help / I'm a bit new to computers,

Whenever I have a web page that I want to print, I go up to file, then to print, and select ok (in the same way I would in 'Word' to print one of my own documents). When the page prints out, it almost always misses on the right hand side, although the page did show the complete page. Am I missing something ?

It's a shame that there isn't a default setting to always make sure that web pages fit onto the printed page

Any help you can provide would be most appreciated. Thankyou !


This is because the pages you are trying to print are too big for an a4 sheet. Some web pages have printer friendly pages so you can print out the content, but not always. In which case I just select what I want to print then go to print and only print the selection, or just going right click>print.

Hope this helps,


Hey Paul,

There actually are some things you can try before you print. Firstly, make sure you have your browser text size (In IE: View > Text Size > Medium) set low.

You can then go into Print Preview (In IE: File > Print Preview) and see how it looks. If it looks OK, then go ahead and print it.

If not, maybe trying setting the orientation of the page to "Landscape". This is the horizontal way. Usually that does the trick.

Another option to try is to resize your browser window to a narrower width, reload the page, and then try printing it. But Danny's suggestion of printing it in 'Landscape' orientation is the easiest method, and the one I use myself.

Also, a lot of Web Pages will have a 'Printer Friendly' button or a 'Print this Page' button on them somewhere. If you see one, use it!

i just highlight the entire page, and copy and paste it into WORD, then print from there

WORD is able to resize what you copy so its fits on a printable page

All above said comments will help as well for IE. Another option, although not the most practical if you really love using IE, try Firefox web browser. It automatically fits pages to printer and you should never have this problem. Just my 2 cents.

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