Having a major challenge getting 3 Linux/Windows stations setup up in workgroup/share setting. ( No problem with internet access )

Linux stations do not recognize any workgroup name thus do not see any of the Linux and/or windows stations. I used the Samba client config tool in Yast.

This does not occur when the stations are in W2W mode. So, this tells me I have a configuration problem when running linux.

I've checked the status settings on the router and the linux stations are shown as active devices when running. Interestingly enough, one of the windows stations sees a Linux share, but that same Linux station cannot find any workgroup share. That I don't get.

My guess is there must be a conflict or configuration issue with the Network setting or device settings. Could it be a router issue ? What is blocking the Linux stations to join the workgroup?

Same with W2W

the windows netowkringprotocal is a discusting protocal in genaral, The whole lets elect someone to be the browsemaster etc. etc...

You might like to try checking if your linux boxes know who the browsemaster is (my guess is they don't have a clue who they are, hence why they can't see anyone yet everyone can see them)

nmblookup -M WORKGROUP

(where workgroup is your workgroup)
this should tell you if they can see the browse master..

in all honesty i wouldn't bother browsing shares, I would just mount them.

mount -t smbfs // /mnt/mountpoint

where is the ip of the computer you wish to mount and sharname is the name of the share

smbclient -L

will list all the shares on a host..

it seems the simplist solution, unless you have time to run through your /etc/smb.conf and make certain everything is setup right...