Hello. I have been having trouble with my Apache server (or perhaps something else, like DNS) for a while now. I have tried to find a solution, but my keywords always come up with almost completely unrelated webpages.

I have a website, www.ilikerps.net with redirection to my IP address, and it's been working fine, with the occasional changing IP address. Suddenly, it stopped working, and none of my normal tests say that it shouldn't be. Port forwarding says it's forwarding all requests on port 80 to my local IP address ( Network Solutions says their forwarding to my current Internet IP address.

Entering my IP address from whatismyip.com doesn't work (which it did, before). Entering or does work, however, showing that Apache is up and working, on my network, at least.

I have even checked my ports and found that there is nothing but Apache listening on port 80 (as should be expected, since no bind error was given). I have tried restarting Apacheand my computer, to no avail. What could be the problem?

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DNS lookup failed for ilikerps.net, and whois database had no information, so I would say that there's a problem with your domain hosting service, and not you.

One possibility is that your IP address over port 80 is now blocked by your ISP (assuming that web hosting isn't part of the contract), and your hosting service can't find it, and then disables it. It's unlikely, but still possible.

Well, if that is so, then my IP address has been blocked every time it's changed. It hasn't remained the same since this problem began.

Also, a DNS lookup for www.ilikerps.net works, even though ilikerps.net fails. And my domain hosting service wouldn't explain the problem with entering just the IP address.

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