I've read rumors about google working on their own linux distro. Can any one comfirm this?


Dunno how it will turn out, or even if they're still working on it. Personally, I hate Ubuntu, so if Google bases their distro on this, I'm probably not going to use it.

I know you hate ubuntu, but it's very popular. If google goes through with it, I'll be very excited. I personally think it's a good thing for them to get into the OS business.

I personally think it's a good thing for them to get into the OS business.

Yes, me too. Goobuntu is a really neat idea, and if it gets people away from Windows, I'm not going to complain :cheesy:. Google's taken over the web, now it's time they start challenging Microsoft where they could really hurt them: the operating system. Personally, I think Windows isn't the worst operating system I've ever seen, I just don't like the fact that it's got so much of the market, thus limiting our choices. I wouldn't want Apple to take over the majority of the market either.

Do you really think a Google built OS is a good thing? And, if they do go through with making their own Linux distribution, many like myself would avoid it like the plague because of the obvious privacy invasions that will be present. Why not just install a key-logger into an already-running Linux box and send the data to Google every few minutes. I mean, isn't one of the most appealing parts of Linux the privacy and lack of spyware?