take a look at this little distro... I started using some time coz it was a small download (I have a limited connection) and it was a full distro... the I fell in love with it....

and last week I went back to linux and i picked zenwalk.... :)

i have the cd but i have not tried zenwalk yet.

i laternate between zenwalk and dreamlinux

if u like the look of zenwalk you will love dreamlinux - its not as well supported or tested as it but dreamlinux is much easier to use - get the WORKS edition

willl have a look at it... well Zen 4 is out.... going to install it now... and take a loook at how it works and all :D

Zenwalk is a very good distro, I either use that or Ubuntu. Plain old slackware is a great one to start off with - that's what I started with. But I liked Zenwalk and Ubuntu because they were just simple to get started with. Ubuntu I would say has the advantage (automatix makes everything quite simple to set up). But Zenwalk has always been in my top 3. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to try a new distribution.