how do i use the LS-120 drive(imation 120MB superdisk) with linux. i can detect it by probing hardware but thats it.
i am useing the USB version and suse 8.2. how can i use my drive.

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No experience with superdisks but my guess is you'd have to mount it first. ;)

I did some looking around the net, and I found the following about SuSE Linux 7.1, but should apply here:

LS-120 drives are connected to the (E)IDE port of the ocmputer and
are seen by the system as hard drives, which means that they, too,
need to be accessed by first using the mount command.

So, since they may not have any disk in them when you boot, you
don't want the kernel to auto mount them, but depending on how they
are mounted (id0-slave=hdb, id1-master =hdc, id1-slave=hdd) you
could have an empty directory called '/LS120' and an entry in
/etc/fstab of
/dev/hdx /LS120 auto noauto,user 0 0

Here is a link to where I found the message:

sorry that involves the internal IDE version of this drive. I have the external USB versiion. so the IDE part will not help.
how do i get linux to detect the drive first, cant mount what it cant see( or if it doesnt have correct drivers)

so here is my question. how can i use the LS-120 external USB drive in linux. chances are instructions for other external USB devices will work.

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