Any one looking to get into linux and not wanting to spend a bunch, but still getting the latest distro's, have a look here:

They are quick and I have been very happy with the service.

I might add that most of the books I use for Linux come from the bargain bin, $1-$3.

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Or you could just download a linux distro for free, and learn information online for free..... there's always that....

Many credible resources exist online. comes to mind. Some of it may be a bit dated, but lots of help is also available on IRC and various newsgroups.

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Or you could just download a linux distro for free, and learn information online for free..... there's always that....

I like that idea :cheesy:


Who needs 'net for docs? :)

I always tell my friends, "everything is free on the net, as long as you have the patience to look for it."

Who needs 'net for docs?

And while we are on the subject, if you run KDE, simply type man: or info: into the Konqueror address bar, followed by whatever, to access those files. You can search from there, as well.

Another good Linux portal is

you could always grab a distro through bit torrent or go to

This thread is a joke right?

Not every single person in the whole world has broadband nor a cd-rw drive. How will they install linux? Magic? Some people have to buy distros on cd-roms.....

I agree buy a cd and support Free as in freedom software.


I know that with RedHat, I was able to download the floppy boot disks, and then install over ftp. I had to do that several times before I got a CD-ROM burner and able to burn the .iso images.

These days, I like to get the .iso images, and then expand them locally, and use the boot-disk - ftp method to install locally. Some of you might ask why? Because there are no CD's to flip. Launch it and walk away. Or do the Kickstart method and get a whole slew of them installing over FTP at the same time. Nothing like watching a network switch humming to life with multiple installs going on....



most distro's allow ftp installs, so even if you dont have a cd burner its pretty easy to still get it unless you are implying they dont have a cdr OR a floppy drive and know NO ONE who has either?

Well, this still means that people need broadband, which some people don't have. I was on dialup for over a year, and you wouldn't catch me dead downloading a linux install over that.

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