I am currently running Ubuntu 6.10 (I hope that's the right number for Edgy Eft), and I had installed a Radeon x1650xt lately, and I am wondering if they're any drivers written for this operating system, and this video card. If so, how would I go about installing them, seeing how I haven't had much experience in installing drivers in Linux, and I've had cards that were 100% compatible with Ubuntu.

The issues I am experiencing are, on websites, my browser isn't smooth when browsing, and is very choppy. Video (using Flash) is fine from what I see, but I am having many issues with scrolling. Also, I would like to play some games, such as Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which requires OpenGL, but this isn't a must, when I can boot into Windows XP and play it from there.


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Just download the Linux display drivers from ATI's site. The installation process should be relatively straight-forward, coming with an automated installer. If you have any problems post here.

Hope this helps


i think you can also install the drivers using something like Automatix of EasyUbuntu - They definately have the nVidia ones so it stands to reason that it shouldf work (also provides options for installing dvd/mp3 support etc...)

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