i installed fedora core 1 recently but during the setup something went wrong and i messed up the boot config so that all it said was GRUB to try and fix this problem i ran the xp restore cd and that didnt work. I later configed the boot loader right and forgot i had ran the setup cd so when i tried to load windows i was prompted to continue setup so then i had to do a clean install of xp and the ir was a problem where now it wont read my ethernet drivers. So i was wondering if their was a way that i could setup the modem on fedora core then switch it over to a router and be able to access the internet in xp through the router.

this sounds painful.

i would just determine the vendor of your hardware, visit the website and
download the drivers and burn em to cd.. then just 'neakernet them to the windows box.

anyway.. if youre feeling crazy.. I believe you can get serial to ethernet hardware..
that sounds a bit PBX ish though (traditionally for multiplexed ip phone systems as i recall) although cromp usa has serial style (com3) to network devices that enable a serial
printer to be used over the network.. i believe they can be configured the way you want.. ..crude though

then use mini conf to do the dirty work from the linux side via modem or comm..
or you could use hyperterm in windows to accomplish the same.. you may require a comm1 db 9 male to rj45 ethernet connector to pull it off either way..

I just dont know if you can dial out over com1/3 though...

hope this helps.