I'm new to linux and wanted to try it out becuase I'm getting tired of windows, so to try it out i downloaded vm ware. I made a an 8 GB partition and then proceeded to load redhat. my problem is that when i get to the part of the installation that asks me if I want to create a partition manually or automatically, I've chosen both and and when I click next it says that I can't read the partition that I made. What should i do

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You made an 8 gb partition, or an 8 gb image file? Hopefully you didn't partition your physical hard disk!

Basically you create an image file in VMWare. This is your virtual hard drive. Make sure in the settings for the virtual machine that the hard drive image you created is set correctly. Then in the installation process, allow it to automatically partition (this is probably where you went wrong) the "disk", and it should format and do all the necessary stuff to get Red Hat installed.

If it still doesn't work, try deleting the image file, creating a new one and trying again.


i definately didn't partition the physical disk. vm ware won't let you. so i created the the virtual partion and and went through the setup and and gives me an error that says that it can't read the partition and if i continue that it'll be my new os.

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