It's coming soon! anyone know where I can get a copy like a leaked copy?

anyways, the name sounds bad in my opinion. Leopard, then Snow leopard? they should of commend up with a name that does not contain the word "Leopard".

so any toughs? any one has a link to a leaked copy?

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Nope. You might recall that we have a "Keep it Legal" rule in place here.

Become a developer by proving yourself and making software on the mac platform and they will seed you beta releases for testing.

Chances are good that it still has the name Leopard because it is pretty much the same code, they admitted so far very few additions.

Snow leopards are the same animal with out pigment in the fur. "Snow Leopard" is having PPC stuff is being stripped (making it Intel only this time) so a Snow = clean version of the current Leopard. But this is what we can guess so far, that seems to be that general consensus from what I have read online so far.

I'd Try google ;)

But any way I'm hoping there will be some improvements to finder. I'd love to see more control over sorting (such as folders above files without the hack)