I'm having a really hard time ejecting my cd out. I've tried dragging the cd icon into the trash. Tried restarting the computer and pressed on the eject button on my keyboard. Is there a way for me to manually tell the computer to eject my cd? This happened before and I was able to type in some codes into my computer and the cd ejected. But I cannot find the steps to do it anywhere. Please help.

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First, does the CD eject if you boot with the mouse button held down?

I've tried that already and it doesn't work.

Okay, then you might have to use open firmware. When your iMac is booting, hold down Apple-Option-F. This should bring you to the open firmware prompt. Type eject cd , wait a little while for it to eject the CD, then type mac-boot to boot the system.

I tried that, and it says ok, but my cd is still in the computer. I think I'm going to have to take it in. Thanks for your help.

You have to manually lower the cover of the CD-Drive, with a pin at least 2 inches long, you have to push into a little whole on either side of the CD-Drive. Use a Flashlight for really good sight as it is (the little hole) hardly findable, especially when you have a black cover. That ejects the CD mechanically.

best, redage

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