I have a G4 eMAC 1Ghz OS X v10.2.8.

When our MAC is first booted, the screen isn't bright like normal. It is in a dark dim state, similar to standby mode when left idling. The only way to make it bright again is when we put the MAC to sleep mode, and then reactivate the screen (ie return from sleep mode). Once the screen brightens up and return from sleep mode, the mouse arrow would freeze for a few secounds before it could move again. Also, if the computer is left idling, it will go into the "dim mode" again.

Is this a hardware or software problem that can be fixed with disk utility? But we already tried rebuilding the desktop with Disk Warrior 3.0.2 with no result. Does optimizing the HD help? But we could not find that function in Diskwarrior 3.0.2. Thanks for your support.



Hard to guess with what information you provided. Boot up off of a CD-ROM, but do not do any installs or maintenance. Just have it sit at the Welcome! screen for a while. If it maintains the bright clear picture, then you have a software problem with the OS X installation on your hard drive. If the monitor is dim, and you see no changes, I would argue a hardware problem.

By the way. Mac is not MAC. We are not an acronym. Mac. :)