How do I open a .mim file?
Recently, I sent an email from work to my home. The file was a Microsoft Word document. The file was sent through Internet Explorer. After downloading the file there was a prifex of .mim
I only have Stuffit Deluxe from Aladdin Systems and I could not open the file.
What do I have to do to open a mime compression file?
All suggestions welcome.
Thanks, Kevin

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I think you have a MIME-encoded email message. Couple things to consider....

1) IE on the Mac has been unsupported for a couple years. You might want to try and use a different browser, such as Safari or Mozilla's Firefox.

2) You mentioned this was an email, and you got it through IE. That implies it is some sort of email attachment that you got through a webmail client. If this is the case, then IE is responsible for converting that attachment when it saves it to the hard drive. If that is not working properly, you need to work the settings in IE to read the email properly.

What I would do is try it with a different web browser. Stuffit will not decode a .mim(e) file, as this is not a compression algorithm, rather a conversion of binary data to text format (may have heard of binhex, or uuencode) so that the internet can handle the file.


Thank you Christian,
I hope that I am sending a reply to you directly.
Yes, I do have an option of using another browser. That really does not answer my original question as what to do with the mime file and how to open it on a Mac. I could open these files on my PC before. Now, my PC is used for games and my Mac for everything else.
Thank you Christian for your suggestion.

stuffit deluxe is supposed to be able to decode mime files. Have you tried opening the file in a text editor? That may give some clues as to what's going. You could also try getting the latest version of stuffit expander if you don't have it already.

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