I am a convert to Apple and have a G5. On my previous "PC" I used to run a command by clicking Start> Run> cmd. In the DOS screen I would then type in "telnet" and the IP address of my office server. This would prompt me for my user name and password. Once entered, I could then go to my "mail. exchange" website for my company and log in to Outlook Web Access to see my work email from any computer that had internet access. Can I perform the same operation from my Mac G5?



Welcome to Macintosh. :)

Inside your System --> Applications --> Utilities folder, you will find a program called Terminal. Drag that application to your toolbar to make the shortcut complete. In WindozeSpeak, this is Start --> Run --> CMD

Once inside your Terminal program, you will have a prompt that you can telnet places. Terminal is really an xterm session on the Darwin BSD subsystem.

I am not certain if telnetting to your server and typing in that command will open your webmail or not. It might be easier to use Safari or FireFox to open a session and get into webmail from there.



Thank you Christian. This worked a treat and I was able, fairly painlessly, to sign on to telnet and access my email through OWA.

Thanks again for your help.

Mike (moods)