I have what are probably some basic burning questions.
I am a semi-technical ditz and am going bonkers.

I work with Panther, have a Lacie F.A. Porsche CD-RW

When I burn data and photos on to Imation CD-R's, all is

But I have spent hours burning on to Memorex Ultra Speed CD-RWs because I do need to keep updating my data and wanted to be able to do that. No such luck. Burn OK, verfication OK, I saved the CDs to my hard drive in Documents.

Some were OK, I think, can't remember, when I re-inserted them immediately after, but I do know that when I re-inserted all the Memorex re-writes some weeks
later, there was nothing there, empty discs.

One message said: "You have inserted a disc containing no
volumes that Mac OSX can read. To continue with the disc
inserted, click ignore."

Now, I have been burning some data from old programs which I access thru Classic.

Do I just burn old programs altogether? I thought I did!
Do I go back to OS9.92 and burn the old progams?
But, as I think of it, NOTHING I did, even new OS10.3 data
was saved.

Any help would be much appreciated.
But, please remember, to give me instructions as for a
baby! Very simple, step by baby step.
Thank you.

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I am working with Toast Lite 5.2.21, going to Get Info to check nothing is an
Alias, and checking MB's to be way under 700.

Also, since the Memorex CD-RW's give me a message when inserted that
I have inserted a blank CD, I assume, when I sort out what I'm doing wrong,
I can re-use those CDs? Or is the data there somewhere, somehow?



I have no experience burning with RW from my Mac. I have never had a problem with R or DVD-R though.

It is possible that you are ejecting the disks before the burn is committed to them. OS X allows you to setup the burn before actually committing it to disk. Maybe you are getting the disks out before the burn is done.

In the meantime, I would make a CD-R NOW of your software, as if I read your posts, you don't have anything else.



Thank you, Christian
The Lacie Toast Lite tells me when the burn is complete and when the verification
is finished, they then tell me I can eject the disc, which I do, then I save it, too.

It works for CD-R but not the CD-RW....

Maybe it is the Memorex CD-RWs I bought which are faulty? The Imation
CD-R's burn fine, no problems. Very weird.

I do have an external Iomega back up hard drive, which seems to be doing the job, backing up all my data.

The reason I want to put everything on CD's is because I will probably be having an out of town family emergency any time within the next year, and I want to take them with me for the laptop I am considering buying or borrowing, in case I
have to stay longer than I'd like, which is a distinct possibility.

Perhaps I could just take the Iomega Hard Drive with me instead and be done with it?!!!

I'm so paranoid, having had 2 hard drives which needed to be replaced - fortunately, I caught both in time, and I had everything backed up on Zips, which seem easier to add new data to than my CD's, at this point, which makes no sense, does it? I know, I must get it all on DVDs.

Or do I need to be less paranoid, now my Iomega Hard Drive is there to support me?



You are certainly open to trying a different brand of RW media. I know that certain CD-R in audio format will not work in my truck's player... but will work in other computers just fine. Just the animal at the moment I guess.

And if you are planning for the family situation, it might be less stressful to purchase and setup the laptop now, so that you do not need to be distracted while managing your family's distress.

If you are travelling, I would want optical backup with me on the plane, instead of magnetic with the scanners at the airport.



If you are travelling, I would want optical backup with me on the plane, instead of magnetic with the scanners at the airport.

I don't know what an optical backup is, Christian! Or a magnetic one.
Pliz explain, like for a baby. And can you possibly advise what I
should get, something lightweight.

By new media, you mean another make, not Memorex, right?
It is possible, I got a package full of duds, esp. since
the Imation CD-R's burning work fine. I have been sent some
Memorex CDs from other people with data on them, and they work- what do you think?

I know what you mean about buying the new laptop now but
I still am not sure about buying any new Macintosh at this time,
with the new chip and all. Unless, perhaps, it's a very good price,
which hasn't arrived yet, and the computers with the new chip
won't run my old and very old programs, because I need that old
data to work - and there's too much of it to even think about

I have a friend who has sent me an old G3 Power Book, only
64 MB, 333 MHz from the year 2000 (another antique!) - on loan.
I won't be able to do much, and it will be fustrating (OS 9) but
I just want ...something when away, in case of emergencies and
to check emails, also to work on some new projects if I have to
stay longer, which I might well do. Someone said, if the worst
came to the worst, I could go to an Internet Cafe. But I'm not
keen on that.

I'm playing with the new/old laptop at the moment (no manual sent and never used a laptop before)...it might do the trick. Until I get some honest (!) answers about the new chip and the new computers. And I may or may not need it anyway. I just like being prepared.

Thank you again for being there.

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