I dont know how to empty the trash. Or does it not work?

Gig, by "empty the trash" you could mean so many things. Please be more clear so we can help you.

He wants to be able to empty the trash bin that's in the OS X dock? Or on the OS9 desktop. As far as I know (remember), it's the same as with the Windows recycle bin ... right click and then go to empty. (Or, with a one button mouse, hold it down until the menu pops up)

You can also control-click the trash can. (Same as right clicking...)

push the garbage in the bag
tie a knot
make sure the bag won't bottom out (if you detect it might, put it inside another bag)
carry to the nearest trash can outside for removal and wait for scheduled pick-up date


This is going to make me popular HAHAHA :cheesy: :mrgreen:

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