i don't even know if that's the main problem. when I hover the mouse over the dock, it won't magnify and it won't show the application's name (i already set the dock size really small and large magnification). Moreover when I click finder/menu and hover on the menus, it won't highlight like it used to, instead i have to hold on the mouse clicker and point to a specific menu (e.g: about this mac, software update). I have been trying to search and find out what the problem is, but I can't find any. I don't even know what kind of problem this is... mouseover not working? dock won't magnify? menus won't highlight? I've tried everything including resetting the dock, logging out, logging in, rebooting, turning off-on, restarting but none of these work. Can anyone help me with this problem?

oh yea, this happened after i restarted my computer after being on/hibernating for a few days.

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btw my mac was 10.3.9 when this happened. i just upgraded it to tiger today because i thought that it will solve my problem. but nooo... this thing is still driving me crazy!


It is possible that you have a permissions problem, a profile problem, or perhaps you have too many things in the task bar.

Create a different account under OSX, and login. Set the magnification and behavior just like you did on the first account. See if the new account has the same problem or not.

If the problem goes away, you have a profile issue with the first account. If the problem is still present, then it is a deeper issue.

Hope that helps,


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