I reluctantly upgraded to Mavericks, initially over fears about my old Adobe CS4 functionality stopping to work. Thankfully, it didn't, but I'm so annoyed by the change in functionality to both Preview and TextEdit as a result of the removal of the "Save as..." command. I can't imagine what anyone thought could be the advantage to removing this most basic of all commands. How else does one change the name of a file? The "re-name" command does not work. How else does one change the file format? I invented a workaround, but it involves four or five steps instead of one! How absurd that complicated workarounds are needed for something that used to be so simple...
Also it's annoying that .psd was removed from the available file formats in Preview, now the only lossless format is .tiff [annoying, especially, since it should properly be .tif].

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What type of document are you trying to 'save as...' within preview?

I'm 'preview'ing a PDF and when I hit <Cmd><Shift>S, which is labeled 'Duplicate' in the menu, it creates another instance of the file I'm viewing. Then, when attempting to save with <Cmd>S, I'm prompted with the usual 'Save as...' dialog.

TextEdit works the same way.

Yes, I know--that's the workaround, to duplicate the file, then save--two steps instead of one, a weird creation of extra work, where there was a simple single command to do the same thing...Why is that any advantage?

Oh, I thought, when you said "I invented a workaround, but it involves four or five steps instead of one!," that you missed the obvious (to me) way that Apple changed the 'Save As...' functionality (which is really only two steps, at most.)

Sorry to have wasted your time.

No, it's really three steps (I exaggerated slightly), each of them awkward and pointless--why do I need to do in three what I used to be able to do in one? The other annoying aspect of this change, I think a direct result of trying (and failing) to get good integration with the cloud: on opening, both Preview and TextEdit now try to make a cloud connection before allowing any other actions, resulting in noticeable delays, when all I want is simply to view a file (in Preview) or create a new text document (in TextEdit).
Finally, the choices of possible file types has diminished radically. There's no longer a .psd option, which was my default for creating a lossless file from a .jpg. The only presently viable option (annoyingly created as .tiff instead of the standard .tif, requiring another little edit before the file can be saved) is TIFF.

I think Save As... similar to Cmd+Shift+S
they're not really changed, though.

Clicking Duplicate and then saving it with a different filename isn't that far off. You can also just click Export. I agree, "save as" is more intuitive!

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