I'm having a problem. I just upgraded from Office X to Office 2004. At the same time, I upgraded my Panther install. Now I just realized while browsing the web, that if I try to send an e-mail, it says "Safari doesn't recognize links beginning with mailto:" or a message very similar to that.

I would assume it's because Safari is still trying to open the old version of Entourage that was deleted? How can I tell Safari I want to use Entourage 2004 as my default mail client, and not Apple Mail, etc.?

Update: I opened up Apple Mail and Entourage is indeed selected as my default mail client in the Mail preferences.

One more update: It turns out that the option available in Apple Mail reflected the old version of Entourage. When I selected Mail, the mailto: links worked. But then I tried using the dropdown to select Entourage again, and it had disappeared. So I browsed to the correct location for Entourage, and now it all works. I'm marking this thread as solved.

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