Does anyone know of a way to create a default dock configuration. When we authenticate a new user to their machine, it always uses the default setup direct from Apple. Is there a way to make it show up so that programs like iChat, iCal, and other programs that a lab user wouldn't use DON'T show up?

Or how can I add a few things like Word or Excel to a default dock configuration?



Damn good question. You are looking for the equivalent of a "Default User" folder in Windows or a /etc/skel that we see in Linux, where the admins can work the default stuff to taylor to an environment.

*adds to list


Yep. I found it. Thanks for your help!


So, dude... what's the answer? I've bee looking for a couple days now, too.

It took me a while to suss this one myself.

The answer you're after is here:

In fact, you'll probably want to have a good poke around inside the User Template folder structure for setting up things like default printers and whatnot. The analogy with "Default User" on Windows is pretty relevant.

Have you actually done this? When I tried, every user after that ended up
not being able to use their own specific set of folders: Documents, Music, Pictures, etc., because they were all owned by the user that I created as the template.

Have you found a workaround for that? Or do you know which plist it is that controls that part of it?




I really haven't experienced this problem, but then my "Documents", "Music" and "Pictures" folders are all located in the user home area on the server...

Surely you could just CHMOD the files before or after copying them to give everyone full control over the files....?

I can't duplicate the problem myself..... Could you let me know how you get on? :cheesy:

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