Hi guys,

I just bought a Mac pro on the behalf of my work and thought that it would save money if i just bought the base line computer and added in my own hard drives and RAM. The hard drives went in fine i have them up and running now.

However the DDR2 ram that i bought does not fit into the slot in the mac pro. When i bought the RAM i just assumed that all DDR2 would fit in the machine (especially as on the mac website it says the Mac pro has DDR2) but i have since realised that this is not the case.

I was just wondering if anyone knew why they would be a different format slot even though they are both DDR2 and was also wondering what sort of DDR2 RAM i can buy that will fit.

There are hundreds of different types of RAM - even a name such as "DDR2" isn't going to sumarize everything.

Make sure that when you buy RAM for a Mac Pro that it's DDR2 667MHz ECC PC5300 240 Pin.

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