When I use Thunderbird to import my address book, it does not ask where
to look to import the file. Is there some special place I need to put
my outlook express file for the thunderbird software to find it?

In the faq of webmail ( http://webmail.mozdev.org/faq.html ) they have
the question of how to install these extensions but you say "In
Mozilla Thunderbird, open the extension manager (Tools Menu/
Extensions)". But I do not see any such place in the tools menu.

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TB probably looks in the default location for the wab file associated with your identity, It should work with no intervention.
For extensions, look under Tools/Add ons.


Here is the situation. I am setting up a new computer that does not have Outlook Express or any other previous email software. I am trying to move the settings and the email accounts and data from another computer.

I just managed to do one thing that will help. On the older computer, I just downloaded and installed Thunderbird and I loaded all the old email and settings into that copy of Thunderbird. So the question now is this. How do I move this information from the older computer to the new computer? What data files do I look for for moving from the older computer? I looked for an export option and I did not find one.

(The Extensions problem will be looked into after I fix this issue)

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