I just dont get it. Maybey I never will. All Browsers will have security issues. Period. Firefox. Ie. opera...all of them. Maybey people just got way into the hype that this browser or that one is so much more secure. No browser is bullet proof. I have surfed with ie for years. No problems here. Maybey its just people being parinoid. Firefox selling itself based on fears. I see more and more issues with virus and nastys the more popular open source browsers become. Dosent anyone read anymore. There is tons of free information and programs to protect your computer just fine. Read, Learn about your computer. You dont buy a gun without knowing how to handle it safley. Computers same thing. Later.........

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The more popular a browser get, the more chances it gets to be exploited. I know of hackers who just exploit IE amazingly. And the most arguable thing is that IE is built into windows so its more vulnurable to attacks than any other browser. I also use IE alot ... but I also use Mozilla and Opera. All of them are secure if you have done some security measures for your operating system.

Well, I´ll have to reiterate that I´m using IE, Firefox and Opera on three different computers and have yet to see any one of them pick up a virus since I brought up this net. The computer that I get my email on gets virus, although not a significant one yet. I check them all a couple times a week. This guy claims that all of them are vulnerable. That may be but so far, the mail is the culprit.

The good thing about Opera's mail client is that virus' that arrive by email cannot execute. Is probably the same for other, non MS based browsers.

I only use web based mail ... so I'm safe from everywhere.

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