hi there, i'm trying to open .mp4 videos but i cant play them none of the programs that i use could play any .mp4 video..i use (mpc star, media player, real player) i've also installed quick time and divx but it's still the same, and all other videos work good except .mp4

when i play a .mp4 video, a message comes out saying that i need to install the codec for this video or this type of video..i've searched on google and in this website (daniweb.com) for some topics to help me fix the problem but i couldn't find any...all of the topics that i've found say "install divx codec..etc" and i already have it, but it seems like i have to use something else, so if someone knows how to fix it, please reply to this topic.

NOTE: when i close the error message, the video doesn't work but the sound works

here is a picture of the error message from MPC Star program.


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Where did you get the .mp4 file from? Because Quicktime should have played it I have a bunch of codecs installed on my system if. I can some how get the file maybe I can find out what the problem is.

i got it from mininova.org (a torrent) but its not only 1 video, i tryed most of the .mp4 videos that i have and they are all not working so i dont think its from the video its self

I just looked at your image again it's an H264 encoded mp4 Quicktime file and I see that you're using media player classic try reinstalling your codec pack with all of the video and audio codecs selected to be installed. to see if that helps or download the latest Quicktime Player from Apple.

alright ill download the latest QuickTime, and let me tell u something, when i go to control panel -> quick time -> file types i try to check the mp4 videos but when i press OK then i open the window again the check mark is gone..i have no idea but i'm pretty sure that is the problem because it should be checked

i donwloaded QuickTime from donwload.com its version 7.4.1 i'm not sure if its the latest version but it was the latest version in that site, and now when i check the blocks and go back again they are checked so this part is working, but when i open the video with any video player it doesn't work.

a friend of mine told me to download media classic or vlc, so i downloaded vlc and now i can watch the video, so the problem is solved, but i can only play mp4 videos in VLC so i cant use other video players for .mp4 videos, so if you have a solution that helps me play .mp4 videos with any video player plz let me know. if not then np cuz i can use it with VLC :)

i downloaded K-lite mega codec and now i can open the mp4 videos with any program :D

so thanx for the help :)

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