This screen is certainly deathening!
I've been facing this issue for the past month, every time with different addresses popping up on it.
The hardware specs of my pc are
AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core,
2GB Ram,
ASUS M2N MX Motherboard,
an external LAN Card- Intex,
two DVD Drives, a Compaq and a LG.

The motherboard got a little burnt cos of the onboard LAN card, after which I had it repaired and it worked fine for a while and then this saga began!
Tried formatting with an Original Win XP, did not work, tried isolating my then New External LAN Card- Intex, tried isolating my then new LG DVD Writer, did not work.

Replaced my 1 GB RAM which was declared unfit by a so called expert tech at the local Repair shop, then had my ASUS MotherBoard checked again for further discrepancies, had the BIOS checked to no avail!!!

Now, out of desperation bought a new Mother Board from ASUS, an M2N VM DVI, tried with the 2 GB RAM, still keep getting the same Blue Screen errors or silent shutdowns followed by terrifying Send Reports to Microsoft about the FATAL ERROR.

Also was advised to have my HDD checked, which is a SATA 160 GB and tried using it on another comp and it worked brilliantly!
This was after it had been formatted and checked for errors by a disk manager/partition manager kind of software.

Now, the only thing that hasn't been disturbed or changed is my Processor, and before I do that, can someone please tell me is it probable??? Have there been cases of faulty Processors causing this issue? And before I forget, my comp turned One only a month ago!

"The motherboard got a little burnt cos of the onboard LAN card" - physically burnt?

Note down the STOP error code and any file name mentioned when you get the blue screen(s) , they are most often caused by faulty hardware or driver issues. Faulty processor...not impossible, but not very likely - the processor still works well enough to show you a nice blue screen with an error message on it when things go wrong after all....
Run a long memory test (, run the machine for a while with all unnecessary hardware unplugged, make sure all your drivers are up to date, make sure your PC is not being affected by voltage spikes from fridges or motors nearby. Wide range of possibilities....

Don't forget to disturb the PS also. Mostly a PS is designed to monitor only a couple of the voltages it puts out, the assumption being that if they are fine, well, there's a pretty good chance the others are too. Further, only some of the voltages are actually regulated because from the design if they are in tolerance then associated outputs should be also.

Hey Thanks a ton to all of you, just wanted to let you guys know that the problem after all lay with the New Ethernet Card that I had purchased after my On Board LAN Card refused to work (this is after the physical burnt got repaired by an Authorised ASUS Guy) and the moment I tried with the On Board LAN, all the errors vanished!!!
Foolish me! Thanks Again!

Glad you got it sorted, & thanks to caperjack for fixing my link.