Hey guys i have a problem with my laptop.. the problem is.. well this never happen till this early morning.. when i restarted my laptop.. at the windows xp loading screen.. it takes quite awhile to load (usually not longer than 20 secs).. now seems like almost 1-2 mins.. and after keying the password to log into my desktop.. as usual comes with the startup xp sound.. but the sound is like play pause play pause play pause... every now and then it just keeps loading something which i have no idea. the light keeps flashing for awhile every3-10 mins interval.. i can't even transfer files. like it takes more than 15 mins to even transfer a 100 mb file from c: to d:.. can anyone help??

p.s. my cd rom drive is a bit of a problem.. i cant load cds so formatting is an issue also.. thanks in advance

Well what you say here is something is loading up in the background and you have no clue to what it is. You should be making sure that your PC is fully clean cos it seems like your pc is infected with Virus/Malware and you need to scan it for em so that it does not do more damage to the system. If possible go to windows folder in c drive while you are in Safe Mode and see if you see any suspicious files that may have been created around the time your system started to behave erratically. If you do not recognise those files then I'd try to get rid of em to see if that works. But do a full on scan on ur pc. Also back your data up if you havent done it yet. Try to get more help from Virus/Adware forums as well.

Hope this helps.

you should check out doing a spy ware scan.
How old is the laptop, reason for asking i am kinda leaning toward there is an issue with the CPU.

my lap top it's 3 years old i think.. well it never happened as i have maintained it as it is till yestrday morning... i'll try the virus scan and abt the spyware scan did it and no results... will be back with the results as soon it's finish scanning

ok.. virus scans results are clean.. no malicious malware or any spyware.. i think still encountering the same problem.. anyone can suggest a program that i can really get rid of the problem?? anyone help?? :(

you could try spybot search & destroy, windows defender, and clamwin (I think it's clamwin it could be a diferent name)

if all that comes back clean try to defrag the drive and maybe invest in registry mechanic

Now as bobbyraw say that there could be sommin wrong with the cpu so it might be a good idea to rule out that possibility as well while u r at it. Now i dont really know about any good test for cpu to test the performance and status of the cpu but look around and see if you come up with something. I ll have a look and post it here if i find anyhting good. see how it goes matey.


thanks for introducing me the website.. but the problem still persist... i just cant format my whole computer.. too many important notes and bunch of programs to back up... i've tried these programs.. spybot search and destroy.. lavasoft ad aware ccleaner and windows washer.. kapersky and still cant find the problem.. is there a program that can delete any unnecessary processes??

ok try this, hit start, run type msconfig, look at the things that are starting when you turn the pc on, you can remove the check mark from the ones you don't want to run.

I hope you were using the latest updates to the spyware program, it is very unlike ly a that there is a ps out there would turn up clean from a spybot S&D scan. at least a cookie would be found unless you have deleted them before the scan. and if those still don't turn up anything it does not mean you are clean. try this program Combofix
and follow the instruction to the letter.

you are not going to find a program to DELETE a process unless it's a malware or virus of sorts. the program i list above is good at doing that. you can also use cclean to kill process