Hi, I just got a refurbished netbook with windows 7. I tried to install a trial version of MS Office 2007 but after I enter my product key I keep getting a message saying the trial period is over, and the features of Outlook, Word, etc. are still disabled. How do I remove a previously loaded trial version of Office 2007 and use the trial one that I downloaded since I've owned the netbook? I did remove the programs from the control panel before I downloaded my trial version but when I entered the product key & did the restart it's still saying the trial period is over. If I have to remove the programs again won't I be removing my trial version now and if so how can I get a new trial?

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If you can't fix your problem try giving the beta a go for now Microsoft Office 2010 beta.

Yes, that worked for me! Thanks so much! 2010 isn't bad so far. Do you know how long this trial is good for?

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