Hello everyone, I have a simple question.
If I ghost a hard drive ( make an image of it ) can I then boot from it
( the image ) on another computer and then use it as usual ?

And also if I ghost the hard drive and lets say I have some programs for example a anti-virus, If I use the image will the programs update or can I use them or tune them while they are still on the image ?

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no! not to my knowledge ,you would need to install the os from the image
But you can use do it with a bootable linux ,like puppy linux ,burn to a multisession cd\DVD disk,the computer you use it has to have a dvd or cd burner ,everything you do is then burn to the disk on shutdown

I do not have any knowledge of running OS from within the image. Simply download image onto blank HD if uploaded to ftp server, else if uploaded onto CD/DVD disk, which is bootable, then you may install on new HD and run OS and applications installed.

You might have problems with device computability and drivers if uploaded onto different version/model for main board and HD.

hope this sheds some light for you.

No with a GHOST image, but yes if it a VMWARE or QEMU image.
GHOST images are used to restore your windows partition after a say virus problem. Usually you lose all what you have done, in-between the time you GHOSTed thru to the GHOST restore. If you want to know more, keep posting !

Ok , I think I have understood now. Thanks for all your help.

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