Hi all

I am trying to install my copy of Office Enterprize 2007 on another pc of mine, operating with XP Servicepack2.

During the installation process, I get the message that the installation cannot find a file, something like ww\Enterprize\owowo(somenumber).CAB (Cannot remember the exact name now) and that I must "browse to the installation folder containing this file".

The point is, that this specific file is there, but the installation only allows me to browse to the "Office 2007" folder, and not to the "Enterprize folder" where this .CAB file is located. In other words, it does not want to recognize the folder where the file is located, and the browsing does not allow me to open the folder where the file is located to point to it directly. (I hope I'm clear?)

What I did:

I tried to copy the file to another folder created on my desktop, but again, cannot "browse during installation" to it, only allows me to browse to "desktop"

I filled in (copied) the exact path to the file in the space provided, but it tells me that the path is "invalid"

The only choice I have, is to cancel the installation.

My copy of this software is a valid copy, with a valid key.

Any ideas on this, or any help will be humbly accepted.

hey you reinstall in office2007 and see how is working if same problem has occur again then its a problem of software of office 2007only?

It is a fresh install, not a re-install or upgrade.

did it work before in another pc? if yes then remove previous version and then setup it.

As I said, it is a fresh install, nothing to remove from any previous install. If the installation CD is somehow corrupt, is there a place I can download a bug free enterprize version and just use my own key as per my installation CD to activate it?