*I gotta note that you can find your system information just as easily by going in through 'Help and Support,' but this is just cooler to do when sitting at someone elses computer, and you don't have to even touch the start button.

it's easy. from the desktop, right-click and make a new text file. name it anything.

open the file, and click save-as. rename it 'system information.nfo'
and save it back to the desktop.

open the file, and guess what? it is now a .nfo file with all the computers detailed system information in it.

I found this .nfo file invaluable when i was looking around and collecting all my specific drivers for my clean install of XP, and, like i said before, it's just something cool to show your friends.

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You can also see this informations in just few secs. in using two steps.
2. write 'systeminfo' in command prompt and see all your PC's informations on one click;

Had fun

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