I am running XP Home on a motherboard with code M811 VER 3.1 using an AMD Athlon 1.33MHz chip with a VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8367-8235 chipset (I think!?)
I have run Belarc Advisor & got info below;

Board: VT8367-8235
Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 09/10/2003

The PC has been working fine for many months after upgrading to XP from Me. About a week ago I did a windows update :evil: and later realised I'd lost sound and that when trying to run SIMS & CSI games I get a 'running debugger error - please shutdown debugger'. After much searching found the problem below. Forgot to set system restore point so can't go back :evil:

My onboard audio device (C-Media AC97 Audio Device) has a yellow exclamation mark next to it in Device Manager. When I look at it's 'Properties' the device status is listed as "This device cannot start (code 10)".

I found the thread from 'cevans' posted Oct 2nd 2004 & have tried to get the right C-Media driver but can't find M811 VER 3.1 on site that 'cevans' used. Been to C-Media & can't work out what CODEC I've got.

Anybody help - Catweazle maybe??

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Uninstall the devices that have yellow exclamation marks in the device manager and restart ... windows xp will automatically reinstall the drivers if your sound card is plug n play ... and I hope it is ...

Another option can be to roll back the driver installations ...

Hi nanosani,
sound is an on-board C-Media AC97 so I don't think this is a plug n play.

will windows automatically re-install if I un-install drivers?
what does roll back do if the drivers have been corrupted and there aren't any previous ones?

Roll back will replace the drivers with the last installed drivers that were working fine ....

You should first roll back the drivers ... if the problem persists .. then you should uninstall drivers ... windows xp will install drivers automatically.

Yo! Rollback fixed the problem :mrgreen: - why did I try all the clever stuff first :idea:

Thanks a million for your help :cheesy:

i istall widows xp but there is no sound

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