I really didn't know where to post something like this so sorry guys if this not the right section
I have a text file looks like this

I want to import it into Excel file so each info will be in seperated coloumn , even the spaces I need it to stay as it
but when import it I use the spaces as dilimiters so every empty column will be deleted and my fileds will be shifted
how can I keep my tables formatted correctly ? .

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Are you trying to import the data from within Excel or are you doing it from another environment such as C, C++, vb.net, vbScript, etc.? Once we get more information we can move this thread to the appropriate forum and proceed from there.

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Just to jump in for a light swim in this pool, wouldn't Fixed Width Text-To-Columns suffice?


Am using Excel to open the text file,No VB or any external programs
@Stuugie No the Fixed width didn't suffice because all information became in one cell so i can't make data filter or any excel operation


What do you mean

all information became in one cell

If it's all in one cell then by all means the Fixed Width Text-to-Columns is the right course of action. I don't understand what filtering has to do with your original problem.

One step at a time:

I want to import it into Excel file so each info will be in seperated coloumn

You'll need text-to-columns for this. Perhaps you'll need to upload a workbook with a bit of data in the same format.


Sorry guys , am not familiar with Excel so when you told me about Fixed width I didn't understand what you meant :( , but now I realize I can click on spaces to create "Fixed width" columns ,
sorry for this misunderstand
thanks for the help guys.

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You don't need to be sorry OsaMasw, I just wanted to get through that that was the best option. I'm happy you were able to get it done the way you wanted.

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