when i click my any microsoft office's product then it start geetting installing. it is installed from 4-5 years and was wroking fine. it happened 10 days before. now i cant open my word, excel or any other file. when i try to unsitall it , it says "this product intallation is corrupted, try to install with the CD or DVD". this is when i try to uninstall it. when i install it, it says "you have error while installing it. ". i am strucked. i cant unistall, i cant install it again and i cant use it. what to do ? for the time being, tell me some temporray source where i can edit my word files and do my work properly. thanks.

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Download free OpenOffice, it's compatible with Microsoft Office files. As for MS Office, what verion do you have? And what version of Windows are you running?

okay! i am using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit OS and MS office 2007 , i am using.

You might try one of these programs to uninstall MS Office. I never used them so I don't know how well they work. You should back up the registry before using any of them.

i have searched how to back up registry and all.. can you explain me little bit ? thnaks sir in advance.

but system restore will clean everything . i mean all softwares and all, then i need to install them again ? right ? can i save my this things ome how because theere are many softwares which is not easy to install them again. thanks

Only the programs that are installed will only be removed. And it will not affect your files in c: drive[OS drive]...

If its a licensed product you will have the installation schemas with you.

Else If you think that it may cause trouble to other programs try other means like manual editing of registry or there are more software to clean the unwanted registry entries. Both are riskless if you are aware of what you are doing.

So dont worry my friend...

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