Machine running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. MS Office 2010. Problem is once there is a spreadsheet open and minimized and you click on a second spreadsheet shortcut, it won't open. You will get the blue circle so it is trying. You can do it through file/resent files and open it that way. The shortcut is a file that lives on a server. Other identical machines are set up and have shortcuts to the same files. This is the only one that does that.

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The nice thing about Windows, is that no 2 systems behave the same... :-)

My advice? Move to Libre Office instead of MS Office.

Well, I solved it myself. The offending file was the third in line of being opened. I had the Admin open her files and minimize the first two, then attempt to open the third one. It as before wouldn't open. And gave up trying after a couple of minutes. I went into the properties of the shortcut and remapped it to excel.exe. This semed to do the trick.

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