The strange case of the farting virus

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If you work in IT support you pretty much learn to expect the unexpected, but nobody could have seen some of these little gems, just revealed by the Panda Security tech support team, coming.

For example, how about the customer who wondered if Panda antivirus software could be blowing the fuses in their house? Here is the actual support query received:

“Hello: For some time now, my fuses have been blown, and until the power is restored, I am left without electricity (light, fridge and other electrical appliances). I have carried out several checks and have reached the conclusion that it could be caused by my “Panda Titanium” antivirus which I am very satisfied with. I think the antivirus blows the fuses when trying to update while the computer is turned off. Could this be the cause? Please send me a reply so I can solve this problem”.

I also rather liked the reports of a farting virus: “For some time now I have been unable to make my ActiveScan Pro work. I enter the user name and password, but the only answer I get is a ‘fart’ sound (pardon the expression)”.

I wonder if this is related to the problem another customer was having: “Three days ago, when I sent a fax from my PC I heard a sound which I once read corresponded to that of a virus (the sound is similar to taking a foot out of jelly). I have scanned the PC with the antivirus several times and it has not detected anything, the virus is still there”.

Best of all though, has got to be the customer who got the wrong end of the stick when it came to disinfecting a drive. Apparently, tech support got a box through the post containing a DVD drive and a note. The note read: “Dear Sirs: I am a client of yours. Given that I cannot disinfect my computer’s DVD drive, I have enclosed it for you to clean it and send it back to me."

The Panda support team cleaned the drive with some swabs and alcohol and returned it to the customer with a note saying: "Here is your disinfected DVD drive. We have cleaned it with alcohol and cotton wool. You will have no more problems. Kind regards”.