Hacking Tony Blair

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Last week, former UK Prime Minister and current Quartet Envoy to the Middle East on behalf of the EU, UN, US and Russia, Tony Blair was hacked. Well, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation on Facebook was hacked according to reports at any rate. It seems that the site was flooded with abusive messages aimed at Tony and Cherie Blair rather than those promoting an understanding of world peace as the Foundation intended.

One message said "Your legacy was sealed a long time ago. You can bang your Christian drum for as long as you like" while another commented "Tony Blair was about as good for Britain as the bubonic plague." The Foundation eventually posted a notice which stated "These solicitations are fraudulent and entirely unconnected with the work of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation."

"Reports suggest that Tony Blair's Faith Foundation Facebook page has been defaced with references to Martin Sheen, the actor who played the US President in the TV drama The West Wing," said Richard Kirk, Fortify Software's European Director. "The fact that his page was hackable, however, highlights the need to include code auditing in the software development process, something that whoever created the Facebook application used by the Faith Foundation appears to have overlooked" he added.