I am in the field of desktop support. In a PC which connects internet through Broadband Router, The system always displays the message "Network cable unplugged". The system has a built in Network Adapter. I tried to reinstall the Network Driver. But it doesn't work. Then I disabled the inbuilt network adapter and placed a new PCI Network card and configured it. But now also the message comes. It randomly connects and disconnects. So the internet is not connecting. The Internet Service Provider came and tested the router and said it was perfectly alright and the problem is with the system unit. Then I replaced another new network card and tested. Again randomly the network cable connects and disconnects. Please Help me

Plugging in a new workstation into an existing WAN enviroment poses some problems (i.e scalability) hopefully this is not the problem, otherwise you will have to get additional equipment. Try accessing your router's CLI and type Show users. You should see your workstation and if you dont see it you will have to configure it into your network.

Thanks for your reply, i changed the mother board of the system which i was told by the vendor that its network controller had the problem. Now the system is connecting.

were you sure that mobo was the prob....

yes, after replacing the motherboard the message "network cable unplugged" does not appear at all.