Why more WiFi?

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The UK has finally ratified the 802.11n standard for WiFi at last. Although we've had '802.11n-ready' kit on the market for a fair while, it hasn't been official as yet.

I can only hope people in stores will be able to explain what people are buying. I say this because of what happened the last time we had anything as '(standard)-ready', which was with high definition televisions. It wasn't pretty.

Essentially, the problem then was that there were too many versions of the technology around. People weren't clear what they were buying and the technical standard changed while they were buying. So things that were HD-ready weren't true HD, which really confused the hell out of people.

I hope the same doesn't happen with 802.11n. In theory it should be straightforward as people won't have had conflicting standards thrown at them. But I'm willing to bet nobody'll trust it at first.

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which can reduce the barrier between human and devices.

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