I have installed a Belkin wireless network at home linking a desktop PC running Windows XP and 2 laptops,

a new Sony laptop running Windows XP and my old Sony laptop running Windows 2000 Professional. The

new laptop has a built-in wireless connection. My old one has an Ethernet connection, but I have disabled

this and installed a High Speed Mode Wireless 125 "g" card (F5D7011). The 125 wireless modem router

(F5D7633x4) is connected to the desktop PC.

I am able to get connected to my Tiscali broadband service through the new network from my laptop but,

since installing the wireless card, strange things have happened to my old laptop. Firstly, when I attempt tun

the machine off, I see a message saying "bcmwltry.exe - DLL Initialization Failed : The application failed to

initialize because the window station is shutting down." The machine eventually closes down, but with a

strange noise.

When I turn the machine on it launches to the desktop without the login screen that I had before I installed

the wireless card.

Could you please let me know how this has happened and how to rectify this.

I'm pretty much a hardware guy (so you software-centric gals/guys feel free to correct me as needed), but it sounds like there's either a system file corruption due to the installation or an issue with the software driver itself, being a corruption or compatibility issue, or just a poorly written/tested driver. If you haven't added any other software products - either applications or drivers for hardware/peripherals - then I would simply restore the system back to a date prior to when you installed the wireless card. Make sure you back up to separate medium and new/revised documents, images, etc. - I know you're not SUPPOSED to lose any such files when go back to a restore point, but I HAVE. It was a minor word doc file and I didn't bother to retype it, but I was quite suprised that I wasn't able to locate it anywhere on my computer after the restore. If the issue goes away after you re-install the drivers then it was just an installation glitch, but if the issue comes back, or if you have installed software that you'd rather not have to re-install, then you're going to want to contact Belkin (?; the card mfgr rather than the router mfgr if their different - fwiw, next time please post the name of the mfgr along with the product number, since few of us have a company's product line memorized! ;-) ), BEFORE the support window elapses, and see what's up.

Thanks aeinstein - I have already sent the same message to Belkin, so I will wait for their reply (always assuming that they send me one!). If they don't come up with anything more specific, then I'll try what you suggest. Thanks again for your advice!