I am trying to know my own server name and domain name.

I use windows xp, I try to install freeBSD 7.0 to one of my laptop. I need the network info....

Can anyone please tell me how I can check what my server name and domain name?

I know the server name of my school is something like myname.wit.local and domain name is something like wit.local........ what would be my home server name and domain name???

my ISP is comcast if it is needed.... Thank you very much

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in windows, log onto a pc that is a member of the domain.

from the command prompt type


scroll up, look for


can anyone tell me how can I get my server and domin name? I am using Vista 32bit and tring to install Quality Center 10.0 evaluation software
Thank you !

anyone please tell me How to get my own server and domin name? I am using the Vista operating system with 32bit. Tring to install Quality Center on my computer, but in the middle of the installation it is asking to enter domain and server name

I could not get it. What does it mean?

Just a guess... but because its Web based, it could be asking where you installed the QC server.

I have not tried it but you could probably also host it on a web server on your LAN and point your QC clients to that server.

how to get my own server name and domain name

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