I will try to explain my problem that I have although I am a novice...
I have a Toshiba laptop, 32bit Vista Home Premium.
I have had an internet connection through modem for a while, everything is good. Now I bought a Linksys WRT54G router, to be able to use the laptop with wireless. Did the setup, all was good, then suddenly no more connection.
Tried to reset the modem, the router and restart the laptop, got a connection again, but it went after 5-10 minutes, just simply stopped working. I still am connected, but it says "local only" and once "limited connectivity".
When I then connect the laptop directly to the modem with a cable, I have internet.
So the router seems fine, modem obviously, too.
What could be the problem that it always says "local only" all of a sudden, although I know there is internet???
Thanks for your help.

open IE go tools->internet options->go connections tab->then click setup--try to setup a new connection check if it will help...

your problem may be caused by the WLANsvc. It regularly pings to find if other networks are available. If you turn it off, the whole of the wireless service goes. thats about all I can suggest