I have a WPA2 encrypted wireless network at home. If I give someone the security key to join the network, would they be able to packet sniff any data on the network (for example, to see what i'm doing on the internet?)
Also, would it make any difference if I used Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) instead, so that they wouldn't know or have access to the actual security key?

if u use MAC filtering only (no encryption) then u wont need to give them the key (just add their MAC addr to ur "guest" list.)

WPA2 is more secure than the older technology, but wireless data r up in the air theoretically can be intercepted. However, most ppl wouldnt know how to crack it. if there's some super cracker out there who is determined to nail u, then doesnt matter how u secure it unless u dont use wireless altogether.

My advice is turn off file sharing etc, and not to let anyone u do not trust to share ur network. if u r worried enough to post this, i think best not to give out the key in the first place.

Prevention is better than cure.

If you gave your key out to someone. All that person would have to do is to have some basic networking knowledge and download a free network monitoring software. It is very simple as long as you are connected to the network you want to sniff. They could definitely tell what you are browsing and maybe even some passwords might pop up, depends on if the website has a certificate.

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