Would someone be kind enough to help before I have no hair left lol

I have a netgear WGT624v3, for the last 2/3 years have been using 2 wired PC's and 1 x laptop wifi absolutely no problem. A couple of weeks ago the wifi connection was lost and I cannot restore it (I had been using it all day no problem, late pm it had gone!).
At the moment I have it connected via ethernet cable which is a pain as I can only go 2ft away from the router.
I guess it has lost a setting or a tick somewhere, although I am quite capable of following instructions I don't know what I am looking for.
Everything esle is working fine just the wifi connection.
I would be really grateful for any help/advice. I am using XP if that helps.
Many thanks in advance

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buy a longer ethernet cable! Sorry but I also have used wifi a lot and it can be a real pain so I use cable whereever possible and ethernet will go a 50 metre cble!
Anyway back to wifi. Have you tried starting from scratch. delete the wifi connection in the control panel network and try reisnatllinhg. yes I know you'll havze to enter that long key of numerous numbers (usually 17 of them) but you can at leastr check in the network area that your machines are seeing the actual wifi signal. (see networks and properties of connection) If ther is no signal the fault is with the 'transmitter' if there is a good signal level then it is over to you to enter the correct KEY and then probably passwords etc.
If there is still no go it is worth trying the old DOS 'ping' command as it forces things to respond!
Good luck


lol, you made me chuckle. I have thought about a 50M cable believe me.
The laptop detects the router no problem it just cannot connect to it. I did check the key etc and everything seems ok.

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