We've just done a very silly thing.

We have an intranet email server using our domain name company.co.uk with /webmail tacked onto the end, and setup our new win2003 server to have the same domain name.

Now all our clients, instead of going to the email server go to the domain controller instead.

How should we fix this?

Should we create a pointer to send the domain name to the email server IP?
Should we get the reference to our email server changed? (to something like: webmail.company.co.uk?)

Thanks for your help. We're a little clueless so simplistic guides would be good!

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in the DNS server MMC, right click under the domain, create an A record, and call ir webmail. enter the IP for the webmail server in there


He means for you to go to where your DNS records are managed. You'll find a listing of all your DNS settings there (CName, A, MX, etc). You need to add a new entry there. webmail.company.co.uk, A record, then the IP address for the mail server.

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